Build Electrolyzer For Cars

Build An Electrolyzer And Then Optimize It

Every engine is different but they can all gain miles per gallon. From ultra high efficiency lean burning engines to clunky gas guzzlers. When you optimize your technology you can further increase your mile per gallon gains. The side benefits that preserve the longevity and clean out your engine are just a bonus. When you build an electrolyzer for your specific engine, you’ll be amazed at the gains. Getting those gains can be elusive, unless you do it right. A lot of your gains are negated unless you know what to do. If you like the idea of added horsepower, miles per gallon and cleaning out your carbon deposits, for the price of water… here’s how to make a pem electrolyzer.

Quenching Your Guzzler With HHO

HHO can benefit even the leanest highly efficient engines. You can build an electrolyzer that fits your exact engine, and controls the output of HHO. HHO (hybrid hydrogen oxygen) acts as a fuel additive, that’s three times more potent than high test gasoline. This potent mixture allows for complete fuel combustion. Fuel molecules stick together and a lot of them get emitted unused. HHO not only uses this otherwise unused fuel, it can supplement it too. As you introduce HHO you can lean back your fuel ratio. You’ll realize how potent HHO is when you see how far you can lean back your fuel, and still have a more powerful engine. HHO not only adds MPG, but horsepower too. You get the extra boost from the hydrogen oxygen mixture and the resulting combustion cleans out carbon deposits. Those carbon deposits were from incomplete combustion of your fuel. You will no longer have incomplete combustion, hence the cleaner emissions, but you’ll also clean out the carbon that has built up, and the complete combustion keeps it from coming back. That alone will add efficiency and horsepower, although those gains are minimal compared to the gains you feel with HHO. With the introduction of HHO your engine will run smoother and cooler.

HHO when properly introduced and controlled, leads to those double digit MPG gains. Leaning back your fuel ratio is one of the keys to optimizing your system. Since HHO is three times more efficient than gasoline or diesel, you can lean back a fair amount of fuel with even the smallest HHO output. These fuel cells can be custom made or you can build an electrolyzer yourself. Building one yourself obviously saves money, and they are easy to make, not to mention you can control the dimensions for your specific engine. Even compact engines can fit a homemade electrolyzer.

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